Those invisible farm hands

From India Water Portal: By: Aarti Kelkar-Khambete Parvati, aged 40, is an agricultural labourer working on the outskirts of Pune. The sole breadwinner of her family, she has not been going for work for three days because of severe pain in the lower back. She asks me for some pills or ointments that could relieve… Continue reading Those invisible farm hands

Making Space for Women Farmers’ Voices

Women play a pivotal role in agriculture, but their contribution is not given due recognition. Women’s role as a farmer is hardly recognised as a result of which they have limited access to productive resources, decision-making and markets relating to agriculture. Owing to this ground reality, special efforts are being undertaken by civil society organisations… Continue reading Making Space for Women Farmers’ Voices

Asia’s invisible women farmers

(From – See original) Speed read Women farmers provide up to half or more of the labour input in rice production Women’s contributions to agriculture and household income are often unrecorded Technology support needs to keep pace as urbanisation expands women’s rural role Women hold up half the sky, so goes the Chinese saying.… Continue reading Asia’s invisible women farmers

Women Strong – Lotus Foods

(See the original from Lotus Foods) The world’s global rice supply is literally produced on women’s backs. Women growing rice is the largest single livelihood activity in the world. Women are thus central not just to sustaining global food security and nutrition, but also for the environmental management of a large portion of the world’s… Continue reading Women Strong – Lotus Foods

SRI cultivates well-being for women

Written by Sabarmatee Tiki , LIM Liang Chun , Oeurm Savann — last modified Mar 03, 2016 12:36 PM – See more here Bodies matter – India Women from small and marginal farming families doing SRI have been making the news in India for their adoption of a new approach that challenges the age-old beliefs… Continue reading SRI cultivates well-being for women