Current Projects

As its first project, SRI4Women will document rice-growing practices in three parts of the world: Odisha, India, Mwea in Kenya and in Cambodia, where Oxfam America raises awareness about SRI among rice farmers.  Over the next year, SRI4Women will produce video material about the difficulties faced by conventional women rice farmers and, in collaboration with women SRI farmers in these countries, look at how SRI can help to address those difficulties at the different stages of rice production.

There are two clearly defined outputs for this work:

1) To produce video series that will demonstrate clearly how and why SRI works for women, for farmers to assess whether they would consider adopting the practices themselves.

A similar series made by Flooded Cellar Productions (in collaboration with the SRI-Rice Center and IFAD) with farmers from East Africa has been used across the continent and has been instrumental in persuading farmers of the benefits of SRI;

2) To produce video and communications material to share at a policy level to inform international organisations and governments about the benefits of SRI for women in the hope this will contribute to improved gender policies within the agricultural development sector.