There are more women engaged in rice farming than any other single livelihood activity and the environments they work in, the nature of the tasks they perform, and their exposure to parasites and diseases can condemn them to a lifetime of chronic and acute illness. And with the feminization of agriculture and climate change bringing hotter temperatures, the physical and mental burden on these women is becoming even more severe. This has major implications not just for the future of agricultural productivity but the ability of the women to bear and raise healthy children.

SRI can bring almost immediate relief by removing them from flooded fields and exposure to many water-borne diseases, lightening their workload, minimizing or eliminating contact with harmful agrochemicals and altering their bodily postures while working to reduce pain and drudgery.

SRI4Women is committed to bringing the new research that highlights these advantages of SRI to a wider public, to rice-growers at a grassroots level and also hopes to raise awareness at a policy level.